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Printing at Primary School with an Adana 8X5

My little Adana 8X5 (Ellie) has been visiting our local village school every Friday since Easter. On the Friday afternoon we have been running printing workshops with the year 6 children and they have been absolutely loving it! They have been using my larger font type, (72pt times or windsor 60pt), to make bookmarks with their names on. I also showed them some 12pt type to see if they could figure out the difference between a ‘p’ and a ‘q’!

Ellie the Adana 8X5
Ellie the Adana 8 X 5

I love the questions they ask and how it made them really think about the time invested by printers before the ‘digital’ age. Can you imagine printing a newspaper by hand?

Letterpress Bookmark
Letterpress Bookmark
Printing at School

We were also brave enough to try some lino printing, although after several (deliberate) cutting incidents we bought in our own lino carvings for them to print from. Scoring polystyrene with a pencil also proved to be really successful (and safer!). Having to think about reversing images for printing really needs concentration and they did a fantastic job didn’t they?

Deer Iino Print
Deer Lino Print

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