My early sewing attempts…

My sister bought me a gorgeous merchant and mills bolster cushion  pattern and it sat in the cupboard for over a year. After talking to a friend who was sewing all sorts of things that really appealed to the creative side of my brain…I went home and mustered up the courage to get it out (I mean how hard could it be???).

I opened the kit and pinned the fabric to the pattern (so far so good!)…mmm what’s a tailors tack? So here’s the great thing about the internet! I googled tailors tacks and watched a u-tube video on how to tack. At this point I was feeling rather proud of myself and grabbed the sewing machine….

IMG_1356 IMG_1357












I was amazed how much came back to me. I must have spent more time sewing with my mother than i remember, but I knew how to thread the cotton through the various hoops and holes…up and down, around things and even remembered how to get the bobbin thread up to the top. Phew! And then things started to go wrong. 2 hours later, a broken needle and lots of stitches that weren’t appearing on the fabric…i nearly chucked the machine out of the window. Time for a glass of wine.













I went back to the machine instructions …. mmm yes nothing there. Googled ‘sewing issues’ and found a flood of things that could be the problem (tension, bobbin threaded incorrectly…..) so on a hunch I pulled out the bobbin spool and put it back in. Problem averted…I could now sew!!! After sewing 2 small straight lines of my bolster I realised I needed to sew in a zip…scary! so at this point I figured I should try something a bit easier first. The general consensus from those with a lot more experience than me was to start with a pillowcase. There are some great tutorials out there on the web but I wish I had sat down with someone or joined a class to get going.

The plainstitch worksroom offers a ‘get to know your sewing machine course which would have been very sensible. So what did I do? I signed up for the ‘free motion embroidery class’…. I think I like causing chaos!


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