Why bother learning to sew? It’s just not letterpress!

I am into my … ahem later years now… so why have I decided to take up sewing? Why aren’t I using every conceivable hour of my time devoted to printing? I can buy a top for less than £5 in the shops, I even bought my daughter a dress for £2.99 the other day and a new cushion for £4! With some of the really nice cotton fabrics now costing at least £7 per meter why bother. It’s just not economical… why have I … got the itch?

It started when my friend introduced me to the plainstitch workroom in wendover. I was immediantly welcomed but felt very overwhelmed. What are notions? french seams? How are these amazing ladies making such gorgeous quilts and bags? and then my heart stopped…I mean I am a stationery freak but fabric??? all of those amazing colours and patterns stacked up and organised …I’m sure my heart skipped a beat. I LOVE FABRIC!

So….I figured…how hard can it be….mmmm you can read about my initial attempts at sewing here and if you are new to sewing like me it includes my suggestions on how to get going.

I eventually made my first item, a pillowcase. My daughter now has a ‘unique’ girls ninja turtle pillow and cushion (read about my girls ninja turtle bedroom makeover next!).

Girls Ninja Turtle Pillowcase
Girls DIY Ninja Turtle Pillowcase

I was so proud of myself that I wanted to do more. It has the same sense of satisfaction you get by producing a piece of letterpress stationery. It’s unique, no-one else has exactly the same item.

There is the overwhelming sense of accomplishment, quickly followed by a thirst to make something else. And of course the social aspect, meeting new people and ‘drooling’ together over the latest Heather Ross fabric. I still have fond memories of learning to sew with my mother, who I still run to for help and advice. I like the idea of doing the same with my daughter too.


So why bother indeed! I now have a gorgeous merchant and mills bolster cushion in my bedroom, I have finally got around to adjusting the curtains in my sons bedroom (4 years on!), but even more importantly I am booked onto a sewing retreat day. A full day of sewing and socialising (with hopefully a glass or two of pimms thrown in!)…..bliss!

Have I sold it to you?


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