My Folksy Summer Six 2015

Schools out…. August is upon us already, now what am I going to do with those kids of mine?

Here’s my Folksy summer six that I have put together to help inspire you over the long long summer (don’t you just love shopping!).


1. Make your own tee pee kit by Boo Bear Bean

What a great idea! My daughter loves crafting so I can see her spending all day outside with this!

2. Bruise Relief Stick By Shropshire Natural Products

I have a son…. do I need to say any more? This should be a staple in any mums bag!

3. Super Hero Masks By Sewmamma

I think my daughter and son would love running around role playing in one of these!

4. Safety Bracelet By Lilly Maes Jewellery

What an inspired idea so you don’t lose your little ones!

5. Dragons Tail by Tired Bear

I just love these Tails…..such a fab gift too.

6. Sunny Day Dice The Barton Gift Shop

A brilliant idea! Maybe they should make one with ‘do the dishes’, ‘tidy your bedroom’…….


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