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Tips for sending wedding thank you cards

The big day is over, your guests have travelled far and wide just to see you in ‘that’ dress, they have left amazing gifts and cards… you have travelled to exotic places on your honeymoon….

…but now you’re back home and you have lots of people to thank for making your day so special. But worry no more as here Ellie Press shares their top tips on tackling that thank you pile!

1. Follow your theme

Continuation of the wedding theme gives the overall feel a finished and classy look. Using the same fonts and colours from your wedding invitations and on the day stationery gives a cohesive design that will continue to thrill your guests even though the wedding is over.

2. Have your cards prepped in advance

Not only does it save time and stress to have everything ready for your return, but often you can get savings by ordering all of your stationery at the same time.

3. Ask if your printer will print your guest envelopes

If you have a file (Excel .xls or spreadsheet equivalent), your printer can pre-print all of the envelopes so all you need to do is write a personal note, stuff and send! They can also digitally print these with a beautiful font so they arrive looking super special!

4. Pace yourself

Don’t try and tackle over 100 thank you cards in a single evening. It will sap all of the joy from what should be a thoughtful gesture. Pour a glass of wine, put on your favourite music or tv programme and just tackle them in batch of 20 or so every evening. Share the load with your partner and make it your first project together as a married couple.

5. Leave your guests with a gift

We live in a digital age, your photos will be all over Instagram or on various mates iPhones but everyone still appreciates a printed photograph to frame or stick on the mantlepiece. Send them a special photo taken by your photographer inside a gorgeous keepsake card and if you are feeling ultra swanky wow them with your own monogram or new initials!

Letterpress thank you card by Ellie Press
Postcards by Ellie Press

For more information on pricing and letterpress items, why not visit the ‘thank you’ card section of the http://www.elliepress.com website.


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