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Behind the scenes – The Flowers Wedding Specialist, Sue Robinson

In the first of a set of blogs about the individual members of the Bucks Wedding Team, Emma from Ellie Press talks to Sue Robinson from ‘the Flowers Wedding Specialist‘ to find out more about the florist behind ‘those’ amazing floral arrangements and how her passion for flowers was ignited…

Fun Facts about Sue

Favourite Flowers: Roses

Most unusual Request: To place succulents into a bouquet … the results were amazing!

Sue, sat hand beading and wiring button holes from her home studio, based in the leafy village of Weston Turville, Buckinghamshire. 


Where did your passion for floristry begin?

At the age of 19 I was employed by Roberta Lynn as a van driver (Roberta Lynn was a renowned florist in the Aylesbury area). One busy Valentines Day, I helped out working flat-out till late at night for a number of days in a row. Roberta noticed that I had a natural eye for floristry and I went on to work under her tutelage for 2 1/2 years – completing my City and Guilds in floristry.

‘In those days techniques differed and everything was fully wired. You had to be so vigilant as you didn’t have oasis on hand to keep flowers fresh for brides bouquets’.

However, this formal training gave Sue a solid basis to return to later. After Roberta Lynn closed down Sue went on to become a healthcare assistant for the NHS district nursing team but the floristry continued behind the scenes as a hobby and of course a passion for flowers.


What made you go back into floristry?

7 years ago someone asked me why I didn’t go back to the floristry as I loved it so much, so I booked a wedding fair and everyone liked my work. The bookings started to stream in and it was so successful I finally gave up nursing to focus on wedding floristy full-time.

Sue suffers from the same thing all great artists do ‘the overly critical eye’. Each floral arrangement piece has to be as good as the first…. ‘perfect to the eye’.

I once sat up all night after unpicking one arrangement because I didn’t feel it was good enough. No-one else would probably notice but I just couldn’t leave it…  

Look at this (Sue turns and points to a flower that has the smallest crease… well I couldn’t see it!) – that will brown if it’s left she says so I will look over each arrangement once they are completed to ensure they are all perfect.

With a market saturated with Wedding Suppliers – what tips can you give couples on choosing a florist or supplier?

  • Ask to see photos and samples of work. You can literally ‘see’ quality, look closely and the quality shines through.
  • Facebook is a great tool for looking at reviews from other couples and what suppliers are currently working on (checkout Sues facebook page here).
  • I only use the freshest flowers – each weddings flowers are itemised and ordered specifically with my supplier which means I am not using ‘whatever’ I find at the market that day. You pay more for that but it is really important that the flowers are as fresh as can be and you get what you asked for.
  • A good supplier is flexible and genuinely cares about the couple getting married. Brides will often stress that they need another button-hole at the last-minute, I get it all the time and just reassure them to leave it with me.

Sue once laid out her dining room table complete with candelabra just so that her bride could see whether to go for the originally planned candelabra center pieces or whether to choose bird cages…


If the bride is panicking and I can do something to reassure her then obviously I will do what it takes!

Sue has no shop overheads as she works from her home studio, so she can pass on those savings to her brides. She stocks a large range of items herself from tea-lights to wedding mirrors where hire of the items are included (something that other florists charge extra for). But most importantly, you can view her work on her website and on Facebook … it is simply gorgeous!

For more information, or to arrange a free no obligation consultation then visit Sue’s website or follow the Bucks Wedding Team on facebook.




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