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Why Shop Handmade? #celebrate_handmade

Hmmmmm …..a lady walked past my craft stall last year …. hmmmmm she sighed and looked up at me and then said ‘Why would I buy a single card from you for £2.50 when I can get 10 in the local discount store for that’?

The neighbouring craft stall owners leaned in with huge furrows across their brows…. they were waiting for my response…..

‘That’s fine’ I cheerily replied….. ‘but let me briefly explain my prices…’

‘My costs reflect the quality of the card stock and work involved. Due to the nature of letterpress, each item will be unique. Each design was hand drawn my myself and printed by hand on a vintage platen press. My cards are not mass-produced, you will not find them anywhere else (apart from local independent shops which I support), you are paying for an individual piece of art directly from the artist’.

 Think of the reasons you send cards, it’s about ‘the thought’ it’s about the time you have taken to make your choice. What does mum love? What would make her smile?

Customers that appreciate handmade don’t look at physical boundaries, they buy with their hearts. Why else would a customer pay to ship a single card all the way to Australia on the other side of our planet? My amazing customers even take the trouble to tell me they have survived their long journey…

Heya Emma, just letting you know the card arrived safely today 🙂 it’s gorgeous!!!

Gabbi – Australia

Printing in the Ellie Press studio = a room in my house!

My Aunty has Parkinson’s disease and recently sent me a birthday card that she had commissioned especially for me because it was hand-made, and she knew I would like that. I was touched that she had gone to the trouble, touched that with her deteriorating condition she had managed to pen the card and get it to the post-office.

A single card can emotionally move you if it’s been really thought through by it’s sender.

The beautifully sewn handmade card I was sent. Unknown maker – if this is you please let me know so that I can credit and thank you!


I could continue and discuss how supporting small business means supporting a mum who is at home to be there for her children, or how it puts money into the local economy, the massive environmental benefits and of course the personal levels of customer service … but you know all of that right?

If like Folksy you support small businesses and feel strongly about keeping craft skills alive rather than supporting large faceless corporations then please use the tag #celebrate_handmade and help spread the word! 

Ellie Press products can be found on Etsy and Folksy which are both marketplaces which support independent makers. Folksy deserves specific mention as they support and nurture UK based designers and makers. 

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Martini Notecards

These letterpress martini notecards have just shot of the press, they are part of the Ellie Press ‘cocktail’ card collection which also includes kir royale cards, gin & tonic cards and … pinacoda cards (coming soon!).

Printed on A6 sized flatcards (postcards), they make great gifts for your boozy friends.

Every man needs some bond style correspondence stationery right!




These can be found in my etsy and folksy shop along with lots of other items!