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Hampden House Weddings

Ellie Press is thrilled to be a preferred supplier for Hampden House, and in fact 3 of the Bucks Wedding Team are now preferred suppliers! Therefore I thought I would write a post all about Hampden House and why it is so special….

Hampden House is located in the beautiful chilterns (a few miles from the Prime Minister’s country retreat at Chequers), and dates back to the 14th Century. It is named after the Hampden family (later the Earls of Buckinghamshire) and there has been a Hampden living at the house since the Norman Conquest!


Hampden House, Buckinghamshire (photo courtesy of Sharon Elmidoro)

‘Hampden House is located in the beautiful chilterns (a few miles from the Prime Minister’s country retreat at Chequers), and dates back to the 14th Century’

The house caters for a limited number of weddings each year so that the house can rest. The added benefit for the bride is that they are part of something more exclusive, unique and private – with the house itself situated in over 350 acres of historic parkland and beech woods. There is also the 13th Century Parish Church of Great Hampden, St Mary Magdalene situated within the grounds for you to take your vows or alternatively the house is licensed for Civil Ceremonies.

The backdrop for the photography is so stunning, the hall hardly requires many finishing touches. In fact apart from some floral touches I wouldn’t change a thing! Guests can walk past the huge oil paintings, admire the grand fireplaces and then adjourn to the bar for a cozy drink. A top Ellie Press tip … check out the toilets …. seriously I’d be happy just hiring that room out!

The Terrace at Hampden House, Buckinghamshire (photo courtesy of Sharon Elmidoro)

As part of the ‘Exclusively Yours’ package couples will automatically get their own exclusive venue stationery from Ellie Press. Couples can also contact Ellie Press is they want to co-ordinate all of their wedding invitations and stationery too either from the ‘Hampden’ range or for something more personal and bespoke.

For more information on booking Hampden House as a wedding venue or to find out about their Open Days please visit their website:


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Behind the scenes – The Flowers Wedding Specialist, Sue Robinson

In the first of a set of blogs about the individual members of the Bucks Wedding Team, Emma from Ellie Press talks to Sue Robinson from ‘the Flowers Wedding Specialist‘ to find out more about the florist behind ‘those’ amazing floral arrangements and how her passion for flowers was ignited…

Fun Facts about Sue

Favourite Flowers: Roses

Most unusual Request: To place succulents into a bouquet … the results were amazing!

Sue, sat hand beading and wiring button holes from her home studio, based in the leafy village of Weston Turville, Buckinghamshire. 


Where did your passion for floristry begin?

At the age of 19 I was employed by Roberta Lynn as a van driver (Roberta Lynn was a renowned florist in the Aylesbury area). One busy Valentines Day, I helped out working flat-out till late at night for a number of days in a row. Roberta noticed that I had a natural eye for floristry and I went on to work under her tutelage for 2 1/2 years – completing my City and Guilds in floristry.

‘In those days techniques differed and everything was fully wired. You had to be so vigilant as you didn’t have oasis on hand to keep flowers fresh for brides bouquets’.

However, this formal training gave Sue a solid basis to return to later. After Roberta Lynn closed down Sue went on to become a healthcare assistant for the NHS district nursing team but the floristry continued behind the scenes as a hobby and of course a passion for flowers.


What made you go back into floristry?

7 years ago someone asked me why I didn’t go back to the floristry as I loved it so much, so I booked a wedding fair and everyone liked my work. The bookings started to stream in and it was so successful I finally gave up nursing to focus on wedding floristy full-time.

Sue suffers from the same thing all great artists do ‘the overly critical eye’. Each floral arrangement piece has to be as good as the first…. ‘perfect to the eye’.

I once sat up all night after unpicking one arrangement because I didn’t feel it was good enough. No-one else would probably notice but I just couldn’t leave it…  

Look at this (Sue turns and points to a flower that has the smallest crease… well I couldn’t see it!) – that will brown if it’s left she says so I will look over each arrangement once they are completed to ensure they are all perfect.

With a market saturated with Wedding Suppliers – what tips can you give couples on choosing a florist or supplier?

  • Ask to see photos and samples of work. You can literally ‘see’ quality, look closely and the quality shines through.
  • Facebook is a great tool for looking at reviews from other couples and what suppliers are currently working on (checkout Sues facebook page here).
  • I only use the freshest flowers – each weddings flowers are itemised and ordered specifically with my supplier which means I am not using ‘whatever’ I find at the market that day. You pay more for that but it is really important that the flowers are as fresh as can be and you get what you asked for.
  • A good supplier is flexible and genuinely cares about the couple getting married. Brides will often stress that they need another button-hole at the last-minute, I get it all the time and just reassure them to leave it with me.

Sue once laid out her dining room table complete with candelabra just so that her bride could see whether to go for the originally planned candelabra center pieces or whether to choose bird cages…


If the bride is panicking and I can do something to reassure her then obviously I will do what it takes!

Sue has no shop overheads as she works from her home studio, so she can pass on those savings to her brides. She stocks a large range of items herself from tea-lights to wedding mirrors where hire of the items are included (something that other florists charge extra for). But most importantly, you can view her work on her website and on Facebook … it is simply gorgeous!

For more information, or to arrange a free no obligation consultation then visit Sue’s website or follow the Bucks Wedding Team on facebook.



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Tips for sending wedding thank you cards

The big day is over, your guests have travelled far and wide just to see you in ‘that’ dress, they have left amazing gifts and cards… you have travelled to exotic places on your honeymoon….

…but now you’re back home and you have lots of people to thank for making your day so special. But worry no more as here Ellie Press shares their top tips on tackling that thank you pile!

1. Follow your theme

Continuation of the wedding theme gives the overall feel a finished and classy look. Using the same fonts and colours from your wedding invitations and on the day stationery gives a cohesive design that will continue to thrill your guests even though the wedding is over.

2. Have your cards prepped in advance

Not only does it save time and stress to have everything ready for your return, but often you can get savings by ordering all of your stationery at the same time.

3. Ask if your printer will print your guest envelopes

If you have a file (Excel .xls or spreadsheet equivalent), your printer can pre-print all of the envelopes so all you need to do is write a personal note, stuff and send! They can also digitally print these with a beautiful font so they arrive looking super special!

4. Pace yourself

Don’t try and tackle over 100 thank you cards in a single evening. It will sap all of the joy from what should be a thoughtful gesture. Pour a glass of wine, put on your favourite music or tv programme and just tackle them in batch of 20 or so every evening. Share the load with your partner and make it your first project together as a married couple.

5. Leave your guests with a gift

We live in a digital age, your photos will be all over Instagram or on various mates iPhones but everyone still appreciates a printed photograph to frame or stick on the mantlepiece. Send them a special photo taken by your photographer inside a gorgeous keepsake card and if you are feeling ultra swanky wow them with your own monogram or new initials!

Letterpress thank you card by Ellie Press
Postcards by Ellie Press

For more information on pricing and letterpress items, why not visit the ‘thank you’ card section of the http://www.elliepress.com website.

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Bucks Wedding Team

Ellie Press  is very proud to be a member of the Bucks Wedding Team which was formed in early 2016. The team consists of wedding suppliers in the Buckinghamshire area, who have one main goal:

‘To help develop each other as wedding professionals, to create gorgeous projects and to make sure that our brides have everything they ever dreamed of’

Working so closely with couples we understand how overwhelming it is choosing who to ‘trust’ with looking after you on your special day. The market is saturated with wedding suppliers and delving into the detail is a difficult task for the uninitiated. More often than not most couples don’t look past the price tag, which is not always the best comparison.


Each one of the Bucks Wedding Team suppliers puts the customer at the forefront. We offer free no obligation quotations and some offer home visits. Most of the suppliers are based within a small radius of the beautiful village of Weston Turville, just outside Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire – so you can also hop between appointments without travelling very far!

Our motto….
‘All you need is LOVE and a great team behind you’
Why not follow the Bucks Wedding Team on Facebook for the latest photos and details of our work.
For contact details on each of the Bucks Wedding Team suppliers please click here.
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Vintage Typewriters and Wedding Hire

Hiring items to introduce a few fun quirks to your wedding makes an instant impact with your guests. Not only does it give your guests a talking point (especially if there is lots of waiting around for photographs!), it also means once the day is over you will have an insight into your day through their eyes…. which can be very interesting indeed!!


Get your guests to type you little notes, wishes or even some tips for the future! Does your Aunty Patricia know the secret to a long and happy marriage? How much fun would it be to read back all their quips on your honeymoon! You could even scrapbook all of the entries along with other items and photographs to remember your special day.


Annie, photographed above is another member of the Ellie Press family of vintage machinery. She is an ‘Invicta’ and dates from around the 1940’s. If there are any typewriter experts out there that can tell me more about ‘Invicta’s’ or how to more accurately date my model then please do get in touch.

Annie is a small portable ‘Invicta’ typewriter shown photographed above. Annie is available for hire in the Buckinghamshire (UK) area. Please contact us for more information.

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Letterpress Wedding Invitations – Clarabella

Clarabella has been designed to suit all wedding styles. Mix and match cardstock choices to customise this suite to fit in with your own theme. Shown here printed on a luxurious 300gsm cotton (tree free) card. Font colours can be matched to wedding colours too.

invitation_girl_optClarabella’s design is both timeless and elegant – a real must for any future bride.